What makes a good Portfolio (Week 1)

image from: http://sites.psu.edu/zhenyangli/portfolio/

So what makes a good portfolio as a Game Developer? Well for starters it is very situational. Depending on where you want to show it off you’ll need to have different versions of it to show off different skills, not everyone is going to be looking for the same skill set.

A very important part of this is to make sure that you only use some of your best work inside of it, you want people to employ you. being proud of your work is fine but knowing what free time work will get you paid work is very important. This could be in many ways, maybe it’s a menu that your very proud of, or an enemy creature in your shooter that not only has a basic fire mode but has that super cool looking “Boss mode” that you worked hard on and overcame a challenge.

Which brings up the next part of your portfolio, show why it’s impressive. As John Pile, a programmer at AtomJack Games says;

For each project you post, focus on the following questions:

  • What was the challenge?
  • What approach did you take to solving it?
  • What would you differently now?

Demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of your role on the team

This will demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of your role on the team (you’re not responsible for how it looks or whether it is fun)

What he says is a very good point as this is what your employers will be asking themselves when looking at your work. if you provide them with an answer that is clear and concise then it will help your odds at getting the work.

most importantly with portfolios however is actually showing your work, this could be done in many ways; showing a screenshot of the code used to make the item, maybe even add a video of the object working in the program to show it off. Or, if it’s a game you made link them to it. let them try it our first hand and it may impress them. most importantly though, don’t say why you made what you show off, they won’t care why only how you made it.

At the end of the day your portfolio should be a showcase of not only what your are skilled in, but your ability to go beyond your comfort zone and improve upon what you already know. This allows the employer or client to have a grasp on why you are the best person for the job either for what you know, or your potential.




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